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Lew Stamp Photography

Photostamp@sbcglobal.net or Cell 330-283--0920 -- This gallery is a ge ...

Updated: Nov 22, 2010 3:34pm PST

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Contact Info.- PhotoStamp@sbcglobal.net - 330-283-0920
I freelance, for clients such as Akron Public Schools, Newsday, Akron Comunity Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Western Reserve, Bridgestone, Children's Hospital Medical Center Akron, Dow Jones, Dayton Daliy News, Goodyear, Friends of Metro Parks, Proctor & Gamble, Solutia Inc., Leader Publications, GateHouse Media, Nortech, Newsday, Ohio Today, Suntrol, Star Ledger, Time Warner, Louisville Courier Journal, Philidelphia News, Winston Salem Journal, USA Today, Washington Times, and others.

In October 2008, established freelance business and a private client site for still and video imagery on accepting a general newsroom wide buy out offer from The Akron Beacon Journal.
As of 2009, I began developing, directing and creating video content on a contract basis for OHIO.COM the online site for the Akron Beacon Journal.

Prior to leaving the Beacon, I accepted the assignment of exploring the world of videography for the web and created 50 videos for OHIO.COM between July of 2006 and Oct. 2008 while continuing to provide still images for the newspaper.

Coordinated the Beacon's photo department's two year transition from film to digital training staffers on cameras and trouble shooting imaging.

Extracurricular: Elected to the post of Regional Associate Director 1991-1992 for the National Press Photographers Association. Elected to Regional Director two years later.
Held a seat on the Board of Directors of National Press Photographers Association for six years from 1991-1996.
I was recruited to the staff of the Akron Beacon Journal in 1978 leaving post graduate studies at the University of Missouri.
While at Missouri, I freelanced to the Missourian, and the Columbia Tribune, and University Sports Information Dept.
Chief Photographer for the Lawrence Kansas Journal World 1976-1976.
Chief Photographer for the Kettering- Oakwood Times 1970-1976.

University of Akron, presently taking classes in world studies, history, and art.
Graduated from Ohio University Graduated BFA 1970.
Assistant Photo Editor for the O.U. POST
Athena Yearbook Staff Photographer

United Press International - freelance - 1968-1970.

Mount Union College 1966-1968.

New York Institute of Photography, NY ,NY - Graduated Commercial Photography 1968.

Story Highlights: Hurricane Katrina, Forest fires in Yellowstone Park, Shuttle launch of John Glenn, Covered two Presidential Conventions, World Series Baseball, NBA All Stars, Salt Flats Land Speed records, Birth of Nathan Williamson.
Ohio News Photographers Association 1970- 2008
National Press Photographers Association 1970-2014
Society of Professional Journalist
Awards of special note
Ohio News Photographer Association - Ohio Understanding Award
Ohio News Photographer Association - Photographer of the Year for Published work 1974.

Pulitzer Prize -Team Member Question of Color, Community Service award with 10 of 18 images on special section fronts.

The Society of Professional Journalist , Best Photographer in Ohio 2004.
National Press Photographers Associations - Samuel Mellor Award for service.

Recipient of numerous annual awards over 30 years from both national, state and regional press associations.
Other training
National Press Photographers Association Annual Flying Short Courses
NPPA's Region 4 Short Courses
ONPA Annual Training Seminars
Ohio Associated Press Annual Seminars
Kent State University Media Seminar


Lew Stamp Photography

Photostamp@sbcglobal.net or Cell 330-283--0920 -- This gallery is a ge ...

Updated: Nov 22, 2010 3:34pm PST

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Football Hall of Fame Timken Grand Parade 2009

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Portage Lakes Fireworks Ohio

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St Vincent St Mary v Archbishop Hoban

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Lakemore Village Tree Lighting

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Bill Dies Wrestling Tournament Akron Ohio

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My Smug Mug

Lew Stamp

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Yellow Jacket_

Portage Lakes Antique Boat Show

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outside is in video

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Learning week Speaker Dorie Clark

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